Fast Track to Membership!

    Okay, so you don't have the time or interest to thoroughly review the co-op program - no problem!

    Here it is down & dirty, what to do and what you'll get:

    1. Read the drop down box on the
    home page for a quick overview.

    2. You can join regardless of # of exchange organizations you subscribe to. In fact, we encourage multiple exchanges - it's good for you and the Co-Op.

    3. Consider installing our multipage code on several pages within your site so you can leverage a single visitor into multiple 1 to 1 credits. Instructions and code are supplied with your stat page setup after joining. has generously agreed to set up all new co-op members who need help. They also offer excellent marketing resources.

    4. Be sure to order your copy of the 7 Secrets to Selling Success on the Net, available free on our home page. It may just hold the answers you've been looking for.

    5. Before you leave bookmark your Co-Op site so you can stay up to date with any specials we offer, check your stat pages, find out who the lucky new member is every month that wins 250 or more click-thrus and review our constantly updated
    Recommended Resources page and our recommended Affiliate Programs.

    6. Decide which of our
    Partnership Options is best for you. If you are serious about making money on the net, you'll want to seriously consider these options. They are all very real and genuine opportunities.

    7. No adult content sites permitted.

    8. If you have any questions, please first read
    How it Works, then Policies, and lastly our FAQs. If you have remaining unanswered questions, visit our Contact Us page for the appropriate department. Your Co-Op is able to keep our prices low and benefits high through automation. If you have a question that is answered in these 3 places, we will not respond to your question. We're here to help you all we can - but first you must help yourself to our resources. Thank you.

    9. After submitting your
    Sign Me Up membership application, you will receive a thank you and welcome pop up page with instructions for accessing your stat pages and installing the BannerCo-Op code and multipage code on your site, as well as the code and instructions for installing the Membership Icon. You may install the Co-Op banner code anywhere on your page or pages you wish. We don't require top page placement. It is in your best interest to position it well so as to earn as many click-thru 10 cent credits as possible. For a sample of the actual banner size and actual working sponsorship ads, see the bottom of the home page.

    10. Build your 250x72 animated GIF (up to 7k) and submit its address at the time of membership application or after. If after, your stat pages will show you how to easily update and edit your membership and of course submit your banner. You can even build your Co-Op banner free at our
    Design Help page

    11. If you need to target specific web sites with your purchased clicks, see our
    Purchase Targeted Ads page.

    12. Decide if you wish to purchase click-thrus at our special new-member-only price of just 25 cents the day you join. If so, go to
    Purchase Ads after submitting your membership application.

    13. Decide if you wish to host the Co-Op
    Membership Icon. If you do not, you will not earn 10 cents on click-thrus from your site. We verify automatically members home pages prior to disbursement of earnings. You may place the Membership Icon (about the size of a quarter) anywhere on your home page. Top, bottom, middle . . . we don't care.

    14. Decide if you wish to have your 10 cent per click-thru from your site credited to your bank credit account. If you do, you will not receive a check from us, instead you will get your earnings invested in the purchase click-thrus for your banner. And at our lowest high-volume price, this is a way to get extra click-thrus automatically

    15. Go to the
    Sign Me Up page and fill it out completely.


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