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Welcome to

The Fourth Annual
2002 One Million
Banner Ad Give-Away!

This free program is perfect for you if you wish to attract more hits to your site.

Here's how it works.

You cut & paste the Free 1 Million Drawing sponsor icon below onto you site. (Right click on the image to save it to your hard drive.) Place it anywhere you like... home page or any other page you wish your visitors to go to after they enter your site.

Link to:

Then advertise:

Win 1 Million banner impressions at No purchase necessary.

Use this copy for classified ads as a stand alone or as part of your existing ad. Or use this copy as a text link with other sites. You can even use it as a text link in newsgroup postings and as a sig file.

Or you can use the banner below to put in rotation at your favorite network or on other sites. (Right click on the image to save it to your hard drive.)

You can even tie the free drawing entry to some condition -- as long as it is free. Like:

  • Participating in a survey
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Just leaving their email address
  • Joining a free membership program
  • Or whatever you wish. Get as creative as you want.

Then, after your visitor completes the required task, they are given the pop up icon to enter through. The visitor follows the links you set up to get to the promotional area (i.e. sign-ups, purchases, downloads, memberships, etc.) and ONLY THEN do they receive the link to enter the free drawing.

This strategy gets you:

  • More traffic for your web site
  • Incentives for converting visitors to customers
  • More and better information from visitors (sig-ups, memberships, ordering, etc.) -- If they want to get their prizes, they'll give correct information!

Or, just give them this text link:

"Win 1 million banner ads from the BannerCo-Op. No purchase necessary. Click Here."

And if the marketing strategy isn't enough to convince you to offer your visitors or subscribers this free bonanza, consider this...

As a free drawing partner, following the drawing you will have the opportunity to send your announcement, up to 150 words, to 25,000 webmasters & marketers who entered the free drawing. We will email you following the grand prize drawing, giving you the name of the winner and instructions for submitting your promo copy.

To enroll in this program, just check the appropriate box on the drawing entry page when you sign up yourself.

Then copy & paste the 1 million banner sponsor icon above onto your web site.

If your goal is to bring web site and web page owners/marketers to your site, this program will do it. Hands down.


The Co-Op Staff