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Welcome to this brand-new "Newsletter Page" on the Website!

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be featuring on this page listings of popular, informative e-mail newsletters, commonly known as "e-zines". With each listing will be a complete description of the newsletter and links for more information. This will make it easy for you to find and subscribe to the newsletters that interest you. Instead of searching all over the Internet for interesting, informative newsletters, now you can visit this page and subscribe to the ones that appeal to you.

You Are Invited . . .

If you are the publisher of an e-mail newsletter interested in increasing your readership, we invite you to become a member of Once you have signed up, you may submit a free 50 word description of your newsletter - its focus, its contents, and anything else you feel would aptly describe your publication. The content of your newsletter must be suited to our members' use or may be used by our members to add to their sites for additional content.

You may also submit an additional page for a sample newsletter which will be linked to your newsletter listing and/or a link directly to your own site. Visitors to this "Newsletter Page" will then have the opportunity to subscribe to your publication or to browse through any additional information on your site.

To submit your newsletter listing, please e-mail Doris Hermon at: with "Newsletter Listing" on the "Subject" line. Be sure to include your name, your publication name, e-mail address, and home page address along with your 50 word newsletter description and any additional information you would like us to use. You will be contacted by e-mail when your newsletter listing is up on this page.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Sign up in Banner Co-Op today so your newsletter can be featured on this all-new "Newsletter Page".

Doris Hermon, D & P Enterprises
Editor, Banner Co-Op "Newsletter Page"

If you know of a newsletter publisher that should be featured here, email us at

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