The co-op is highly interested in the financial success of its members, and therefore we routinely consider various affiliate programs that are brought to our attention. Before any affiliate program, any money-making opportunity, is presented to our membership it must pass rigorous standards set by us, such as the following:

1. The company must have proven itself trustworthy in the payment of associates' commissions, or if a new company, the credibility of management must be impeccable.

2. The product or service being offered must be of the utmost, highest possible quality. The co-op will not endorse any affiliate program whose products or services are anything less than what we believe to be the absolute best or at least among the best in the industry.

3. The company must have proven itself to be, or alternately we must have every reason to believe, that the company is extremely responsive to the needs of its customers and of its affiliates. Customers who do not recognize the value of a long term relationship with a customer or with their affiliates will never be recommended.

4. The company must offer the co-op members a significant element of their program that is totally unique and not available elsewhere in the marketplace. Most commonly we look to these companies for a higher commission to co-op members who become affiliates or alternately better end-user pricing so as to enable the affiliates to move more merchandise. Or a bundle of services or products that are commissionable, not offered to non-co-op members. Any company that does not offer the co-op members a unique advantage in the marketplace such as the above will never be recommended.

5. And all companies appearing on this page understand that if we at the co-op receive complaints that we regard to excessive, they will lose their recommendation of endorsement by the co-op and you should know that with the size of our membership and the potential for enormous profits that the company may enjoy as a result of our recommendation, we expect your relationship any one of these fine organizations will be rewarding and profitable for a long time to come.


If you have any questions regarding any of these programs, feel free to contact the company directly and not the co-op. However, should you have any complaints relative to the company's professionalism, payment of commissions, responsiveness to your needs as an independent representative of theirs, don't hesitate to e-mail us at Now enjoy perusing these what we feel to be excellent financial opportunities for you, and you of course may join as many of them as you wish, we like them all!

And now the legal stuff:

The Co-Op assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, in your joining of any of the affiliate programs detailed herein. Your joining of any of these affiliate programs is totally at your own risk, and you are advised to use your own due diligence in consideration of any of these businesses.

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