Policies & Procedures

as of March 8, 1999

These policies and procedures as set forth here in, may be amended by the company BannerCo-op, Inc. at 1050 North Milford Road, Suite 204, Highland, Michigan 48357, from time to time and become effective 10 days after posting here at www.bannerco-op.com.  Should you disagree with any changes your only recourse will be to cancel your membership or partnership position with us.  These policies incorporate by reference all offering aspects found on our "Partnership Options" page.

A.    No commissions will be paid on accounts where in the sum of less than $50 US is due monthly.  Any sums less than this amount will be carried forward to the next month.  And, unlike some programs, we pay commissions on gross sales, not net.  If your referred membership group purchases a total of $10,000 in a month, you earn your designated percentage on this amount, not on what's left over after internal expenses.

B.    The Co-op will provide statistical page for accurate tracking of all sums due and your page will be updated on a per event basis, i.e.; no activity - no update.

C.    Participation in any of our partnership options is open only to members carrying the membership icon on the member web site.

D.    Cancellation of Co-op membership for any reason automatically cancels your partnership.

E.    No commissions will be earned on purchased click-thrus (except as noted for Full Partners) or click-thrus hosted by you for any and all of your enrolled membership sites.  You may have as many sites enrolled in the Co-op as you chose.  However, only 1 membership stat page will be provided.  This provision prevents your referred members from selecting a partnership option just so as to get the commissions that rightfully belong to you.

F.    This agreement incorporates by reference all covenants of our Membership "Policy & Procedures".

G.    You may promote your assigned sub URL in any honest, ethical, legal way you choose, but not through spamming or unsolicited bulk e-mail.  Violators will have their partnership terminated immediately and lose all unpaid commissions and forfeit any sums paid, and their Co-op membership will be terminated.

H.    Commissions due you will be paid on the 20th of each month (or the first business day thereafter) for the previous months activity.

I.    The company for the interest and benefit of all will operate the Bannerco-op web site to the highest possible standards of technology and reliability.  However, we are not responsible for nor can we be held accountable for any losses or damages you may suffer as a result of technical failure, or lack of response to any marketing campaign you may undertake.

J.    If selecting a partnership option that calls for the monthly payment of any sums, it shall be your sole responsibility to maintain a balance in your checking or credit account (whichever you presented at sign up) sufficient to cover your monthly maintenance obligations.  The Co-op is not in the collection business and should any monthly obligations not be met we will attempt to notify you one time giving you 10 days to bring your account current.  Failure on your part to do so will result in termination of your position.

K.    If and when commissions due you are equal or exceed any monthly obligations due the Co-op, we reserve the right to debit these sums due if your checking or credit account are insufficient to cover your monthly obligation.

L.    These articles shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of Michigan, and any unresolved disputes between the parties shall be litigated in the courts in the State of Michigan, County of Oakland.  The losing party in any dispute so litigated shall pay to the other party it's attorney fees incurred in connection therewith.

M.    If any provision of these articles is found to be unenforceable, it shall not negate any of the other provisions.  Any notices required shall be in writing and delivered to the party at their respective address.

N.    It is understood that the Company has made no, nor makes no guarantees as to the profitability of the partnership option selected and that such profitability is totally and 100% dependent upon the efforts of the independent representatives.

O.    Regardless of the partnership option being selected it is understood that you are acting solely as an independent representative, responsible for your own actions, expenses, and taxes on any income earned, and that you can not act on behalf of or bind the Bannerco-op in any way.

P.    You may cancel your selected position anytime you choose by e-mail to support@bannerco-op.com or snail mail to BannerCo-op, Inc. at 2065 E West Maple, Suite C-308, Walled Lake, Michigan 48390.  Upon cancellation any unpaid commissions will be forfeited and any sums paid by you will be non-returnable.

Q.    You agree to present any disputes directly to the Bannerco-op first, and only for resolution by us.  The Co-op will not tolerate any unfounded allegations or assertions or disparaging remarks or copy about us.  If we make a mistake we will fix it and do our best to make it right.  If you have a problem or complaint bring it to us first.  If you don't, you agree to pay any legal expenses incurred and any loss of revenue we suffer.

R.    The Co-op reserves the right to terminate any partner in any designated selected position for violation of these articles or any other reason deemed to be in the best interest of the Co-op, without further obligations from either party.

S.    An account management system will be set up allowing you to have complete control over the ads being served to your 10% available impressions within the guidelines of the Co-op's standards.

T.    A home page that you may customize portions of, providing the advertising is within the Co-op's accepted standards of allowed banners and advertisers.

U.    Training and support limited to the operation of the Co-op ad server system. We want you to know how to use our system so you can offer your 10% of earned impressions across the Co-op network to your advertisers and provide them with industry-accepted statistical data... impressions, click-thrus delivered, etc.

V.    Well, there you have it.  A few guidelines designed to help us all get along better.  Some may seem harsh but the Co-op is designed by members for members, and we can't let a few bad apples spoil the barrel.  We hope you'll join one of our offered positions and when you do we will do our best to maintain the trust and confidence you have shown in us.