On the 15th of each month bannerco-op will total all accumulated click thru's for each host, and e-mail will be automatically sent to each host that is due payment, notifying the host of the amount of the check to be sent. Checks will be processed and sent via postal mail within 2 business days. To qualify for monthly payments you need only to have $25.

Credit option: The member host will be allowed to select our bank/credit option in which case no funds will be made payable to the member host, but instead immediately credited to the member host's account as demonstrated on the member hosts stat page in the form of impressions earned, at the rate of 12 impressions for every click-thru credit earned.

The co-op reserves exclusively the right to reserve payment to any member host that exhibits questionable click thru response rate or manipulates click thrus in any way, their membership will be terminated immediately, all funds payable forfeited, and we will in order to preserve the integrity of our membership co-op, prosecute for fraud. Which by the way will pierce any corporate umbrella. Our system is fair and profitable for all members, and we intend to keep it that way. If you are a cheat or a con, go away.

All members are required to display the membership icon on their home page, any position, top, middle, bottom, right side, left side matters not to us, but put it there and keep it there. We will routinely check all members sites at some point prior to monthly disbursement and or credit to members accounts, and if we find the membership icon is missing your membership may be immediately terminated and you may forfeit all funds earned. Associates need not host the Co-Op Icon, and will not earn 10 cents click thru payment/credit.

Code Integrity: You may not, under any circumstances, alter banner co-op insertion code, except for placement purposes. You must display the banner code so banners show at your site in order to be an active member. Members not displaying the banner code will be terminated and lose all privileges and credits (the banner code need not be on your homepage). The banner code must be hosted on a page or pages within your site(s) with genuine content and linked to/from other pages within your site(s). Furthermore, BannerCo-op.com banner code must be hosted on pages using the English language predominantly, and all banners must be in the English language. We "spider" to ensure compliance. Only one BannerCo-op.com code showing banners is allowed per page. Note: you may however put the code on as many pages as you want.

Banner Statements: Making statements near the banner co-op banner, requesting that your visitors "Click the banner" is not allowed. Member sites may only use one of the following terms verbatim:

  • Click here to visit our sponsor
  • Please support our sponsor
  • To visit our sponsor, click here
  • Please visit our advertiser

At any time in the future, following your approval as a member of bannerco-op, you may add additional web sites. Simply contact tech support at support@bannerco-op.com

Automated enforced click thru's: Artificially inflating traffic through the use of meta-refresh commands, auto spawning of browsers, automatic redirecting of users, programs, hidden frames, java pop ups, robots, or any other technique of generating automatic impressions is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to require users to click on the advertisers banner before entering any area of your web site. It is a big no-no, and will result in termination and forfeiture of any credits due as well as a loss of downline.

Bannerco-op may at any time refuse to include any web site as a host member in the network that is found to be inappropriate, based solely on bannerco-op's discretion.

Currently do not apply if your site:

  • Is adult oriented in any way
  • Has anything to do with software pirating
  • Hacking or phreaking
  • Any illegal activity whatsoever

WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHEATERS. If you cheat, your account will be terminated AND you will be exposed by having your name, address, email address, and phone number published at our site with a warning "Do not do business with these people..." And this same information will be distributed to in excess of 7,000 affiliate program managers. Further, any unearned click-thrus will be billed and collected at 2x our highest retail price, including all costs of collection.

We use actual human monitoring to observe the network on a daily basis. Any unusual activity is investigated and dealt with immediately. Remember this site has been designed by members, for the benefit of members, so that all may prosper.

Single account status: Regardless of the number of sites you operate, you will as a company or individual only be allowed one account and all statistical reporting will be covered under one account code.

We reserve the right to cancel host status at any time effective immediately upon the sending of an electronic message to the e-mail address you have provided us.

Copyrighted material: You are agreeing that all content on your site is legal to distribute, and that you own or have the legal right to use any and all of the copyrighted material.

Automatic renewal: This contract may be automatically renewed for successive periods and may be canceled immediately by any party at any time by notification in writing via e-mail.

Indemnification: Host agrees to indemnify and hold bannerco-op.com harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, expenses, losses, damage, attorney fees, any and all claims and lawsuits for libel, slander, copyright and trade mark violation, as well as any other claims resulting from host or advertisers web pages.

Bannerco-op reserves the right to change the terms of our policies and procedures at any time. You are responsible for complying with any new rules posted here within ten days from the day changes are posted. Please contact us at questions@bannerco-op.com if you have any questions about the interpretation of terms set forth here.

You agree to settle any dispute under our policies and procedures agreement via binding arbitration in Oakland County, Michigan.

Bannerco-op reserves the right to withhold payment from any host member that violates any of our policies and procedures, and rules per this agreement.

It is a requirement that all banners submitted for rotation, whether on purchased or earned credits basis, must be linked back to the member's web site or sites, and any member may enroll as many sites as they wish providing the member has legal authority to do so.

The Co-Op reserves the right to reject further placement or discontinue the rotation of any paid ads in the network that fail to meet a minimum of .5% click thru response.

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