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You do NOT need to be a member of the Co-Op to purchase click thrus. These click thrus are available to anyone and everyone. However, certain membership benefits apply.

You may at any time purchase additional click thrus for your banner ad. Our system is designed to enable 250 x 72 (up to 7K) banner sizes.

Purchase price for click thrus are as follows:
   150 clicks x 45 cents per click +15 cents if branded
151-500 x 40 cents per click +15 cents if branded
501-999 x 35 cents per click +15 cents if branded
1000+ just 30 cents per click +10 cents if branded

Branded banners, those ads that include actual pictures of recognizable individuals, products, services, logos, or company names, carry a premium as indicated above. Therefore, if it is your goal to create an image for your product, service, yourself, or your company, whether your banner ad is clicked on or not, you may do so effortlessly, and with minimal expense through the co-op.

Targeted ads require substantial staff involvement. Therefore, if your site is local or regional or niche market it will be necessary for you to include with your order our modest premium for targeted ads.

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