Bannerco-op is the first advertising co-op created exclusively for the benefit of its supporting members and sponsors.

All members are required to host on at least one page, any page of their choosing and preferably the home page, a 500 x 72 banner ad supplied by the co-op. This is where it gets interesting. Inside the banner measuring 500 x 72 pixels, we create two ads, each measuring 250 x 72 and the technicians at the co-op create the dual linking mechanism, so that visitors are free to click on either side, or if you will, either of the two or both ads as they see them on a members web site. Why this size banner? Simple! Studies show that response to larger ads is better by 44% compared against 468 x 60, and according to ASI Interactive, recall is 45% better. This is what we all want. You, as a host, to earn more 10 cent credits, and you as an advertiser, to receive more click-thrus and better recall!

All members must supply the co-op with a static or animated 250 x 72 (up to 7K) GIF-format banner ad in order to earn a full credit for each time we place a banner on a member's site.

You do not as a member however have to have a banner. You can, at your option, simply host banner ads on one or more of your pages and earn 10 cents each and every time a visitor to your web site clicks on an ad purchased by an advertiser appearing on either side of the banner. This is how we are able to give you a one to one exchange plus cash as a member of the co-op. We sell to outside advertisers, and to the members (special arrangements) 50% of all inventory available to us. The other 50% is the fulfillment on our one to one exchange for all members.

When you host a members ad inside of a 500 x 72 banner space you earn a full credit, each time that member's ad is seen, to have your ad seen somewhere else on our network. And when you host an advertisers or paid for by a member ad measuring 250 x 72, you earn 10 cents per click thru.

It is a requirement for all members to carry the membership icon on their home page, but in any location. Top, bottom, middle, sideways, we don't care. It physically measures about the size of a quarter on most browsers, and it is in our view a work of art, and incidentally a highly effective mini banner itself.

If carrying our membership Icon is a problem for you - don't let it be. You can still join the Co-Op but as an associate member. All associates are entitled to the Co-Op's 1-1 exchange, however associates may not earn 10 cents for click thrus.

All members are encouraged to accept our banner on as many pages as possible within their web site. This will maximize the number of impressions you earn because remember, every banner carries a member's ad in it and an advertiser's paid ad. However, only one co-op banner ad per page is permissible.

And while we are on the permissible thought train you should know, no adult sites are welcome, nor will adult banner ads be placed in the co-op.

If you purchase clicks with your membership, i.e. at sign up, we've got a special option for you. You can purchase up to 1000 clicks (minimum 300) at just 25 cents each. This special price is good only if your order is received the same day as your membership application.

No banner to swap? No problem. You can become a member at any time and begin immediately enjoying the benefits of ten cents cash earned for each click thru. And then simply submit your banner whenever it's convenient. Don't waste time. Get in now.

We encourage your participation in other exchange organizations. Therefore we do not limit how many banners you have on your pages. Why not leverage your membership and purchase additional click thrus. Each one earns you another impression of your ad and impression credits from your other exchange programs.

And here's a special option just for our members. You may have your earnings credited, banked if you will, to purchase additional impressions. If you elect this option on your membership application/enrollment form, each time your account earns a click-thru credit, you will automatically receive 12 impressions of your banner! This is an excellent deal and simply cannot be purchased in the open marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about effective banner advertising & design, see our 14 proven laws of banner advertising.



Bannerco-op Banner Exchange

Bannerco-op Banner Exchange


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